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Mind Wellness Testimonials

Stress Relief 3-Part Series with Heather Goodwin on Fox 26

“Heather is not only extremely knowledgeable about her field but is a gifted speaker. She has the ability to connect with her audience and is incredibly entertaining in talking about her subject. She breaks down the topic and makes it understandable and relatable. She is by far one of our most popular speakers and is requested over and over.”
Beth Woodman, Hope and Healing Center, Houston
“My son was having a very hard time dealing with his anger and it was causing a tremendous amount of strain on our relationship and the entire family. Heather has been the most amazing saving grace to all of us! We now have our sweet kid back. Not only has he learned how to control his temper, be happier and learn life lessons, I have learned a lot too. The entire family is beyond grateful for Heather and the staff at Heights of Health.”
“Heights of Health, specifically Heather, has worked wonders for our son. His anxiety has lessened by leaps and bounds. Bedtime has become much more peaceful and calm. We have lowered his ADHD medication. Heather truly cares about her clients and their parents. She takes the time to know what makes her clients tick and tailors their work accordingly. We always look forward to coming to see Heather!”
“I met Heather at a workshop at St. Martins. I was very impressed with what she spoke about. I have gone to Heather many times. For those of you that would like to have less stress in your life, less anxiety and any other behavior modification you may be dealing with, be good to yourself and call today for an appointment with Heather. I did!“
“The last month has had a few more twists and turns than I like, but the best part is that I am dealing with it in a very reasonable fashion, which is not the norm for me the past few years. What this means, I believe, is that the work Heather and I did is paying off in ways not expected; I am calmer and clearer with the stuff that comes in as perceived interference. I have been amazed with the effects of the meditation and other exercises Heather taught me continue to build.”
“You got me through perhaps the most stressful day of my life. I know of which I speak.”
S.M., Houston
“Heather’s presentation at Spring Branch Middle School on “Practical and Positive Tools to Empower your Exceptional Learner at Home and School” was so helpful. I came away with a much greater understanding of overall holistic health as well as how I can apply her proactive and positive strategies at home and school. I have already implemented many of her suggestions and we are seeing immediate results!!”
GB, Houston, TX
“A friend referred me to the Heights of Health when I told her about my hesitation to put my daughter on ADHD medicine. Sonya and Heather have provided us with valuable information for my daughter to use at home and school. Sonya used BioResonance Technology to do an analysis of her body and recommended natural supplements and a couple of ECR sessions. Heather also suggested natural supplements along with strategies and tools for me to incorporate at home that have been very beneficial. The positive and holistic advice that we have received from the two of them have been life changing!”
HT, Houston, TX
“Dear Heather & Cheryl,

I attended your Mindfulness presentation today at the Hope & Healing Center. I was able to speak with Cheryl afterwards to thank her, but was unable to thank Heather.

I was greatly inspired and motivated by your presentation. Although I was familiar with mindfulness, I still felt that I gained more knowledge. I especially enjoyed the discussion about energy frequencies and appreciated the mindfulness transformational practice worksheet you provided.

I recently received my license for LMFT-A. For the past few months, I have been taking time to learn new techniques to help keep me grounded and balanced. My hope is that I can then share these tools with my clients who may also benefit from them. Your presentation was just what I needed.

Thank you again for providing us with such an informative and inspirational message.


“We were at our wits-end with our 7-yr old son. Years of behavioral therapy got us nowhere, and on a whim, I decided to check out Heather at HoH — what a GAME CHANGER!!!! I get a lump in my throat just thinking about how much she has done for my son, myself, and our family with her positive approach, her respect for children, and her strong desire to help them and their parents. Heather has given our son the tools he needs so that he can RESPOND, not react… And she’s been there every step of the way encouraging me, as well. We are so glad to have our sweet boy back! Thank you, Heather!!”
“We were on out way to placing our son in a residential facility before we found Heather and HOH. I believe Heather’s knowledge, positive energy and patience changed the course of my son’s life. It also greatly improved our family as a whole.
We are now in a much more positive place as a whole and my son keeps growing and learning and daily utilizes the tools Heather is teaching him.“
“I have a very stressful job and needed help channeling that stress so I could enjoy my life and my family. My wife and kids concur that the sessions w Heather Goodwin have been VERY effective!

I just recently started Heather Goodwin’s new Stress Release Program and after the first visit I was so relaxed I almost couldn’t finish work that day! Note to self…schedule a late session! In addition I have been taking the homeopathic drops and applying the oil and it really does seem to be lowering my stress level.”

TW, Houston
“I wanted to give you an update on [my son]. He is doing so well at home and school. He received the… Medal on Monday from his home room teacher. It is a special medal given to… school children each day during the month of May. If the child exhibits the…goals during the month he is presented with a medal during assembly. Before Monday, [he] had never gotten the medal in the last 4 years!“
H.N., Houston