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Tracy’s Tips . . . for Healthy Travel

PREPARE AHEAD…Yes, packing early is a huge stress-reliever, but I am talking about getting your body prepared for the upcoming stress. A great way to do this is by taking adaptogenic herbs.  This unique category [...]

Heather’s Hints for Conquering the Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying? Use Your Senses! 1. SMELL. Use a calming essential oil such as lavender. Put ample drops on an item you can gently and unassumingly hold up to your nose, such as a [...]

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Heather’s Hints . . . for EMF Protection

Take a trip. A virtual flight that is. Always put your cell phone in airplane mode when not actively texting or talking. Keep it in airplane mode, or even better, power your phone completely off [...]

Tips from Tracy . . .  for Minimizing EMF Exposure….

We are surrounded by a new type of pollution that is invisible to the eye and affecting all of us on some level.  This pollution is referred to as EMFs – Electromagnetic Fields – radio [...]

Hints From Heather…To Boost Your Brain

LEARN. Our brain is perhaps one of our most important “muscles” and it must be exercised in order to stay healthy and strong. The strength of our brain is increased through tasks that stimulate and [...]

Tips From Tracy. . . for a Better Brain

One of the biggest complaints that we at Heights of Health hear from people is that they don’t feel as sharp as they used to… foggy brain, poor short-term memory.  You know, going into a [...]