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A 3-Part Breathing Technique That Will Change Your Life For the Better

The 3-Part Breathing Technique (including audio) Begin Again. This powerful phrase reminds us that a fresh start can be as simple as a breath away. Many of us start the new year proclaiming that we [...]

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Tracy’s Tips…On Staying Grounded

1) Protect Your Personal Energy. We are surrounded by energy that is incompatible with our own in the form of phone and computer radiation (a.k.a. Dirty Electricity), cellphone towers, and even people (we all have [...]

Heather’s Hints…on the Magic of Gratitude

Here are my 5 favorite Gratitude Hints adapted from The Magic. Practice saying the words “thank you” purposefully throughout your day. What you pay attention to in life will increase. Choose to find things for [...]

Tracy’s Tips…on Gratitude

Let Calgon™ take you away! Truthfully, I don’t even know if that stuff is still sold, but taking an Epsom salt bath is an even better – and more natural - option to melt away [...]

Tracy’s Tips. . . to Steer Clear of Sugar

The Sugar Season Cometh! As we enter the Season of Sweets (which, sadly, lasts through the spring), we would like to give you some tips to help manage your family's relationship with sugar to support [...]

Hints From Heather. . . Shake the Sugar!

Use stevia instead of refined sugar. There are many benefits to using raw organic stevia over refined sugar or dangerous artificial sweeteners. This no-calorie, natural delight has actually been shown to curtail sweet cravings and [...]