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In light of the devastation Hurricane Harvey caused, we acknowledge the multifaceted levels of distress and trauma people experienced. Heights of Health wants to equip people with tools so they can be resilient. Understanding the basis of trauma creates an awareness of what our body goes through thus helping you move through it.
Fragmentation is one facet of trauma. You cannot predict when fragmentation will happen, but it will. What occurs is that our left hemisphere, limbic system, and hippocampus goes offline As a result, it is harder for us to remember, we lose the fluidity in our decision making, even knowing where your cell phone is becomes difficult. Especially during fragmentation, things will trigger us – for instance, the sound of rain. A trigger can come in a variety of ways. We can suddenly re-experience emotions from past events or we can feel a rush of adrenaline. But when triggered, you will feel something rise in you. It is a time for intentional self-care.
Numbness is another component. It is inevitable. At some point the heart begins to distance itself because you can only take so much suffering. It also Numbness allows us to endure what we need to. But it cannot continue because if you distance yourself too much, you can lose connection and your heart hardens. Numbness needs to be a place where hope and sorrow come together.
Absorption is an additional aspect. This is when high levels of stress hormones flow through the body. You operate in a new ramped-up place and it becomes a new normal. But the body cannot maintain these levels of cortisol and other stress hormones for long periods of time. The body bears more biochemicals than it can endure. These stress hormones must be brought to a sustainable level that seems so hard to do but can be easily done through intentional self-care.
Our October 2017 Special is the Harvey Healing Session. This appointment will focus on emotional healing. Just as the City was flooded with water, people have been flooded with a variety of emotions. The Harvey Healing Special will recognize emotional blocks, release them, and identify restorative emotions while rejuvenating your cells with our Quantron Resonance System (QRS) Mat. The QRS Mat uses pulsed electromagnetic fields to activate, strengthen, and stabilize weak cells. This is a 30-minute appointment and will cost $60. Houston has endured so much in the past month, and we are here to support you. This recovery will take time and patience so it is important to care for yourself and work towards a sense of balance and well being. 
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