Tips from Tracy . . .  for Minimizing EMF Exposure….

/, Environmental Toxins/Tips from Tracy . . .  for Minimizing EMF Exposure….

We are surrounded by a new type of pollution that is invisible to the eye and affecting all of us on some level.  This pollution is referred to as EMFs – Electromagnetic Fields – radio and microwave frequencies emitted from cell phones, tablets, routers, cell towers, and countless other devices we use every day.

Our bodies are electric; electricity is how our nervous systems run.  When we are exposed to these EMFs that are not congruent with our own “electrical current,” we can suffer from oxidative stress – damage to the cells and tissues of the body leading to inflammation and disease.  Exposure to this pollution is linked to insomnia, headaches, low energy, depression, brain fog, inflammation, and even infertility and cancer.

Though EMFs are not the primary culprit for most diseases, they can be a significant contributing factor to both the disease and the rate of healing in our bodies.  Our society and our lives have become dependent upon electronics (like the device you are using to read this newsletter), so I am not suggesting we ditch them altogether, but we can certainly mitigate the damage.  Below are some tips that Tracy has provided to help you minimize exposure to this virtually ubiquitous pollution.

  • Keep your phone away from your body… Have you ever read your smartphone User’s Manual? Did you know that for the last several years the manuals will tell you NOT to let the phone come within direct contact with the body?  So, How many times do we hold our phones within an inch of our bodies, – our ears, our pockets, our laps?  Solutions: Use the phone only on speaker or with a wired or air tube headset (Bluetooth is just as bad, if not worse than the phone), keep the phone on airplane mode when in your pocket or close to your body or keep your phone in the outside pocket of your purse or briefcase.
  • Be safer in the friendly skies… Planning to fly this year? We are exposed to large amounts of radiation in the atmosphere while flying, in addition to what we are exposed to in the airports and security checks. Solutions: Stay well hydrated while flying and take my favorite trio of supplements to help protect against radiation, which happens to be on special this month: PhytoRad, Metabopath, and ReHydration.
  • Teach your children well…. Are you aware that kids are even more susceptible than adults to damage from EMFs?  Solutions: Teach them about the dangers of long-term EMF exposure – they will have been exposed much more over a lifetime than we will be.  Never let them hold a phone to their heads (use speaker or air tube or wired headset).  Download games, movies, books and other info onto their tablets and let them use the tablets only in airplane mode.
  • Use protection… Did you know you can reduce the impact of EMF’s? Solutions: Diodes are a great way to help minimize EMF exposure through imprinted metallic stickers that can be affixed to electronics to help protect you and your loved ones.  We also now carry pocket diodes to help protect you when you are out and about.
  • Test your individual susceptibility – it’s easy! Do you want to know how susceptible you might be to EMF damage? Typically, EMF exposure will cause more damage to the cells of the person who is dehydrated at a cellular level (this is not always an indication of a person who not drinking enough water), as well as one who has poor cell membrane integrity (a measure called the Phase Angle). Solution: Take advantage of our BCA (Body Composition Analysis) special this month. This 30-minute session will provide you with a wealth of information, including Phase Angle (health of your cells – a.k.a Cellular Age), intracellular and extracellular hydration levels, and percentage of fat and lean tissue in the body.

About the Author:

Tracy Southwick
Owner/Founder of Heights of Health
Traditional Naturopath
ECR Developer
Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

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