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Heather’s Hints…Staying Grounded and Centered During the Holidays (and ALL days!)

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A Daily Practice. Follow these 5 steps for a simple 10-15 minute daily routine that will rewire your brain and nervous system toward a more grounded and centered you. 1. Create a Space. Find a [...]

Creating a Happier, Healthier Heart

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1. Increase Nitric Oxide levels through exercise and diet. This important gas tones the cardiovascular system and is essential for heart health. I love the Nitric Oxide Dump – it only takes 4 minutes and you [...]

How to Alter Your State for Heart Coherence

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Have you ever wished for a secret weapon that will easily bring you the relationships you seek? Well, move over Mr. Magic 8-ball and goodbye Ms. Ouiji Board! And, welcome “Heart Coherence.” This simple, yet [...]

A 3-Part Breathing Technique That Will Change Your Life For the Better

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The 3-Part Breathing Technique (including audio) Begin Again. This powerful phrase reminds us that a fresh start can be as simple as a breath away. Many of us start the new year proclaiming that we [...]

Five Habits for a Fresh Start in 2019

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We all look at the New Year as a chance to start over, fresh, clean, new….  We have the best intentions and, statistically speaking, most of us will not follow through in reaching our goals.  [...]

Tracy’s Tips…On Staying Grounded

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1) Protect Your Personal Energy. We are surrounded by energy that is incompatible with our own in the form of phone and computer radiation (a.k.a. Dirty Electricity), cellphone towers, and even people (we all have [...]