Learn About: Hormones

Heather’s Hints…Staying Grounded and Centered During the Holidays (and ALL days!)

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A Daily Practice. Follow these 5 steps for a simple 10-15 minute daily routine that will rewire your brain and nervous system toward a more grounded and centered you. 1. Create a Space. Find a [...]

Vagus, Baby! Your Best Gut Hack

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Have you ever had a gut feeling or butterflies in your tummy when you think of something exciting or stressful? That’s the power of your mind-body connection at work, courtesy of your Vagus [...]

Your Health: It’s in Your Gut

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Health begins in the gut. No matter how healthy our diets are, if we have an imbalanced gut, we cannot properly break down and assimilate those nutrients to make new cells and keep us healthy. [...]

5 Helpful Hints for Optimizing Your Brain Health

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LEARN. Our brain is perhaps one of our most important muscles and it must be exercised in order to stay healthy and strong. The strength of our brain is increased through tasks that stimulate and [...]

Creating a Happier, Healthier Heart

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1. Increase Nitric Oxide levels through exercise and diet. This important gas tones the cardiovascular system and is essential for heart health. I love the Nitric Oxide Dump – it only takes 4 minutes and you [...]

How to Alter Your State for Heart Coherence

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Have you ever wished for a secret weapon that will easily bring you the relationships you seek? Well, move over Mr. Magic 8-ball and goodbye Ms. Ouiji Board! And, welcome “Heart Coherence.” This simple, yet [...]