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Our Philosophy

We focus on managing wellbeing rather than disease. Our desire is to holistically support each client in reaching his or her short and long-term health goals by addressing the underlying causes of ill health rather than only providing symptomatic relief. We view each client as an individual with a unique history and make-up.

Heights of Health’s philosophy has four key concepts concerning health and wellbeing.

The 4 Principles

1. The body is designed to heal itself.

When we cut a finger or bruise ourselves, we rarely think about how the body innately heals itself. This process applies, or should apply, to any health imbalance. When we have excess toxicity and/or nutritional deficiencies, they body is not able to fully utilize this natural and inherent ability and imbalance and dis-ease set in. In order to achieve holistic wellbeing, these key factors, toxicity and proper nutrition, must be addressed to support and restore this innate healing ability. This is the basic philosophy of naturopathic medicine.

2. Everything resonates at its own unique and measurable frequency.

All things resonate at a distinctive frequency, whether it is a nutrient, toxin, pathogen, or even emotion. At our most basic level, we are all frequency-based beings in a frequency-based universe. This is rooted in the principles of Bio-Electric and Bio-Energetic Medicine.

3. The body and mind are inextricably connected.

Everyone has experienced butterflies in their stomachs or physical heartache from emotional pain. The physical and non-physical is so intertwined, we must acknowledge and address all aspects of their interconnectedness in order to achieve authentic wellbeing; to not recognize, would be a true disservice to our nature. This comes from the understanding of the growing field of Mind-Body Medicine.

4. Health is not merely the absence of disease.

The body is always in flux and gives us signs of imbalance more often than we realize – we just need to learn to listen. Just as we would not put a piece of tape over a warning light on our car dashboard, we should not simply numb or ignore these “warning lights” that our bodies give us. It takes time and attention to achieve and maintain health goals and we at Heights of Health are here to help gracefully and easily guide you through these “warning lights” to allow your body to reach the balance you desire.

These 4 principles that Heights of Health espouses form the basis for how we approach each individual client and help guide the body to reach optimal health. Our innovative and experienced care is led by compassion and a true desire to help everyone better understand the basic tenets of holistic wellbeing so that we can all live up to our greatest potentials.