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Holistic Mind Wellness

“Renewal requires opening yourself up to new ways of thinking and feeling.”
~ Deborah Day

Holistic Behavioral Counseling focuses on the mental/emotional aspect of stress. Clients are taught real-life, science-based techniques to help children, adults and entire families manage their emotional stressors. Those who work with this division are looking for skills they can implement to help create a better sense of emotional wellbeing and calm, replacing ineffective habits and behaviors with positive, transformative ones. This division utilizes meditation, breath-work, EFT/Tapping, Cognitive Behavioral principals and more, as well as two powerful technologies, Biofeedback and Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation, to positively rewire the brain and nervous system

An initial appointment with our Holistic Behavior Specialist will last for a full 2 hours. After a detailed history is taken and discussed, the client will be taught valuable tools to help him or her begin to implement stress and behavior management immediately. Together, the specialist and client will set goals and create a manageable and effective plan of action.
Some examples of clients who start in this division are those with emotional stress/anxiety, low mood, ADHD, ASD, poor coping skills, parenting concerns, classroom issues, etc. Heather Goodwin, MA, HHP, is the director of the Holistic Behavior Division. Cost of the initial appointment is $395, follow-ups are $190 for 1 hour.

We were on our way to placing our son in a residential facility before we found Heather and HOH. I believe Heather’s knowledge, positive energy and patience changed the course of my son’s life. It also greatly improved our family as a whole.
We are now in a much more positive place as a whole and my son keeps growing and learning and daily utilizes the tools Heather is teaching him.
G.G., Houston, TX
You got me through perhaps the most stressful day of my life. I know of which I speak.
S.M., Houston, TX