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Holistic Body Wellness

“We let our own natural capacity of healing do the work.”
~Thich Nhat Hanh

Our Holistic Wellness Counselors use innovative technologies and techniques to create individualized health programs to help you reduce and/or eliminate stress in your body, enabling you to reach your health goals.

Utilizing advanced BioResonance Technologies, which identify imbalances (stressors) in the body, we can address them with various methods including nutritional supplementation, detoxification, lifestyle adjustments and Energetic Cellular Release (ECR)™, an innovative stress-desensitization technique.

An initial appointment with a Holistic Wellness Counselor will last for 90 minutes where a full intake is done, followed by a BioResonance assessment and Energetic Cellular Release™ to help relieve stress in the body. The client is given a Strategic Health Plan at the end of the appointment based on the practitioner’s findings and the client’s particular health goals. The program is very individualized, but it is common that 30 minute follow-up visits are recommended to help the client stay on track and speed the healing process. Our caring and experienced practitioners are here to help you reach your goals and achieve Vibrant Health. Some examples of clients who start in this division are those with hormonal imbalances, skin issues, allergies, fatigue, auto-immune conditions, arthritis, digestive/intestinal imbalances, etc. Our exceptional practitioners who work in this division are Sonya, Tracy, and Laura.

Cost for the initial appointment is $255-295; follow-ups are $85-90 for 30 minutes.

Once again, thank you for everything and for being so understanding.
A, Houston, TX
“Hey Tracy and all the Heights of Health family,

I just want to say that after 13 years of battling lupus which the doctors said I would have until they find a cure, I took a leap of faith and listened to my “crazy” uncle. I gave Heights of Health a try. After only 2 visits and following the plan that was prepared for me, I have almost no symptoms of lupus or anything for that matter. It has given me a second chance at a full and healthy life. My expectations before were to hopefully live to 50 and see my youngest daughter graduate high school. Today I feel like I could break the record for the oldest man alive. Thank you so much for helping me and doing what you are doing. I challenge anyone with health issues or if you just want to feel better to give Height of Health a try. You will not be disappointed, I promise.”

Michael, Texas