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15% off of these trauma-relief products:

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OptiMag® Neuro

Patented Magnesium for the Brain

Supports Healthy Brain Magnesium Levels

Supports Healthy Synapse Number and Function

Supports Cognitive Health

Supports Stress Management, Sleep Quality, and a Healthy Mood

Helps Ensure an Optimal Magnesium Intake for Overall Health

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Appe-Curb® contains neurotransmitter precursors and conversion nutrients which help satisfy the “reward cascade” of the brain. Satisfying the “reward cascade” of the brain may help with cravings for things that may be appealing such as drugs, alcohol, screens/games and carbohydrates while improving mood and increasing energy. By helping to restore major brain neurotransmitters, Appe-Curb® may support balance in the brain and a feeling of well-being.

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Mary’s Nutritionals (CBD) Remedy Oil

CBD oil has been studied for its potential role in treating many common health issues, including anxiety, depression, acne and heart disease. For those with cancer, it may even provide a natural alternative for pain and symptom relief. Elite Remedy Oil is a concentrated tincture that contains 500 mg activated hemp extract.

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Stress & Trauma Release Technology Special

Alpha Stim Package

The Alpha Stim is a non-invasive device that immediately and cumulatively releases the effects of stress and trauma. The dramatic research results demonstrate that short-term use can decrease anxiety up to 94%. Cumulative and lasting results are best achieved after just 21 days of daily use for 20-60 minutes.

This month we are offering an incredible deal. The Alpha Stim Package consists of a powerful 1-hour clinical session with our Director of Holistic Behavior Division PLUS at home rental of the Alpha Stim for the following 3 weeks. A $415 value for only $350! (An entire week of rental FREE)

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*Offers expires September 30, 2018. While supplies last in the clinic. Must mention offer to receive discount. Not retroactive.