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BioScan SRT™

Stress Response Testing and Clearing

The BioScan is an assessment tool used by practitioners to identify substances causing negative stress on the body (stressors).

Bioscan SRT™ process

The system tests for over 50,000 potential stressors, from foods to parasites to chemicals to emotions, by sending a signal to the body and measuring the speed/frequency with which it bounces back. Each signal gives a reading as to its severity of the stress on the body. Once these stressors are identified, we use a balancing technique called Energetic Laser Release (ELR)™ to change how the body perceives that stressor – from detrimental to neutral or even positive.

This can have a dramatic shift on the health of your body because every stressor you have weakens the body and inhibits its ability to function at peak performance and self-heal. We are only as strong as our weakest link and by eliminating our weak links, the health of our entire system improves.

This extraordinary system works in layers, much like that of an onion, to address deeper and deeper stressors with each session. It is impossible to know at what layer you will see your desired health goal manifest, but as you go through the process, your energy and vitality should improve and you should see positive changes in your life. This is not a quick fix, but rather a very worthwhile and valuable investment in your body’s health and wellbeing.

The first appointment will be 1-1.5 hours and subsequent sessions are 30 minute. We strongly recommend care programs with the system so that you get the most benefit and value. The amount of follow-up visits will be determined by the practitioner based upon the results of the initial scan. Price – $130-195 for initial. Follow-up packages are available at discounted rates.

“I have to say I was at first very skeptical about your process – I am now a huge believer.”
D.S., Sugarland, TX