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Cheryl Hensley


Reiki Master
Co-Creator of Present Time Kids™
BioScan SRT™
Holistic Health Practitioner
Certified ECR™ Practitioner

Cheryl Hensley

Cheryl Hensley is passionate about natural healing and feels called to help others incorporate holistic measures into their daily lives.

She works as Heights of Health’s Reiki Master and Marketing Manager. She is also a Holistic Health Practitioner, trained in Energetic Cellular Release™, BioResonance Technology and SRT™. Cheryl holds degrees in Communication and Psychology and has an extensive background in both corporate training and marketing.

Cheryl first learned about natural healing after experiencing a traumatic accident over a dozen years ago. Cheryl received Reiki to help with mouth tension and stress from the accident and experienced such wonderful effects, she decided to become certified.

Cheryl’s interest in natural health expanded through the lives of her daughters. When her first born kept experiencing nearly constant congestion and coughing, she learned her daughter had a milk intolerance. A dear friend suggested coming to Heights of Health and through the ECR™ Clearings, her daughter’s reaction to milk changed. This experience opened the door to a new way of living. She continued to see practitioners at Heights of Health for both herself and her daughters and saw incredible improvements in both physical and emotional issues for all of them. Cheryl took the opportunity to train and work for Heights of Health and continued her journey in natural living.

Cheryl has practiced Reiki for over 10 years. Through all her training, she has gained a deep understanding of the body’s cellular response and incorporates this into her practice. Reiki is a technique for energy balancing and relaxation which promotes healing. Reiki breaks through blockages in the body to re-energize, release and normalize the body systems. Reiki’s hands-on technique works to balance the body’s internal flow of energy bringing a deep state of centered relaxation. Cheryl’s Reiki sessions are unique because she incorporates muscle testing to confirm the alignment of chakras. The goal of Reiki is to create a strong internal flow of energy in the body.

Cheryl and her family lives in the Heights and she is active in her community. She sees the beauty in Houston and enjoys cycling, running, yoga, music, cooking, and gardening.

Tremendous thank yous to Reiki Master Cheryl Hensley at Heights of Health for her great work and healing of my injury!!!
- MLCV, Houston