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Heather M. Goodwin MA, HHP

Heather Goodwin

Director, Heights of Health Holistic Behavior Division
Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Holistic Behavior Specialist
Certified ECR Behavior Practitioner
Trained in BioResonance Technology
Certified Self-Esteem Coach
Certified in Social Skills, Bully-Proofing, Conflict Resolution, In-Home Training
Certified Teacher in Special Education, English, History, English as a Second Language
Co-Creator of Present Time Kids™

Have you ever grown tired of old ineffective habits that keep you stuck in patterns of anxiety, stress, family disharmony, insomnia, or simply a lack of joy in life? Are your children struggling with the daily bombardment of school stress, sibling rivalry and difficulty with emotional regulation? Do you yearn for more ease with your health, career and life focus?

If you answered yes to even one of these, we have fantastic news! The science-based tools and interventions Heather teaches have profound and proven results for the life-long harmony you desire.

As the director of Heights of Health Holistic Behavior Division, Heather empowers adults and children with proven life-transforming tools. Her multi-disciplinary approach is rooted in the recognition that physical issues cannot be separated from emotional, social, spiritual, and psychological influences. Therefore the whole person must be taken into account to achieve optimal physical and emotional health. Heather’s mindfulness and behaviorally-based approach lead individuals to make sustainable choices that bring life-changing outcomes within reach.

Heather holds a Master’s degree and started her career as a teacher and later served in an administrative role as a District-Wide Behavior Specialist for a large urban school district. She was then recruited to serve as a lead associate in one of our nation’s cutting-edge consulting firms, providing national training, technical assistance and systems-wide program evaluation in the areas of positive behavior supports, differentiated instruction and inclusive practices. After a nation-wide search, she was then hired as the Director of Behavior Programs for a national publishing company. Heather has served as an expert authority and contributing author for The McGraw-Hill Publishing Companies and is included in the Who’s Who in America publication. After 20+ years in the educational and behavioral field, Heather remains a requested national speaker and recognized behavior specialist.

Heather’s certifications and training include numerous evidence-based positive and holistic behavioral modalities for both adults and children. Her expertise includes mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), social skills training, bully-proofing techniques, meditation, conflict resolution, self-esteem issues, in-home training for families, breathwork, energy work, biofeedback, cranial electrotherapy stimultion and nervous system balancing. In addition she has specialized experience with individuals on the Autism Spectrum and with ADHD. Heather is a certified Energetic Cellular Release™ (ECR™) practitioner, specializing in the release of emotional blockages, is trained in BioResonance Technology and is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP).

Heather’s passion to empower children and families has been a life-long mission, ultimately impacting her own journey to incorporate holistic and natural solutions into her own life and now with her family. Heather happily resides in The Houston Heights with her husband, Mike and their two children, Sophia and Nicholas. Heather is honored and over-joyed to serve you in your own exciting journey toward optimal, life-transforming and whole-person.

See Heather in action at the Hope and Healing Center

My son was having a very hard time dealing with his anger and it was causing a tremendous amount of strain on our relationship and the entire family. Heather has been the most amazing saving grace to all of us! We now have our sweet kid back. Not only has he learned how to control his temper, be happier and learn life lessons, I have learned a lot too. The entire family is beyond grateful for Heather and the staff at Heights of Health.
We were at our wits-end with our 7-yr old son. Years of behavioral therapy got us nowhere, and on a whim, I decided to check out Heather at HoH — what a GAME CHANGER!!!! I get a lump in my throat just thinking about how much she has done for my son, myself, and our family with her positive approach, her respect for children, and her strong desire to help them  and their parents. Heather has given our son the tools he needs so that he can RESPOND, not react… And she’s been there every step of the way encouraging me, as well. We are so glad to have our sweet boy back! Thank you, Heather!!
I have a very stressful job and needed help channeling that stress so I could enjoy my life and my family.  My wife and kids concur that the sessions w Heather Goodwin have been VERY effective!

I just recently started Heather Goodwin’s new Stress Release Program and after the first visit I was so relaxed I almost couldn’t finish work that day!  Note to self…schedule a late session!  In addition I have been taking the homeopathic drops and applying the oil and it really does seem to be lowering my stress level.