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Shannon McLain Sims  MS


Holistic Behavior Division, Practitioner
Integrative Wellness Coach

Shannon graduated with her Masters of Science degree in Mind-Body Medicine from Saybrook University’s College of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences in 2015 and is now working towards the completion of a doctoral degree.  Throughout her studies at Saybrook, Shannon has also become certified in health and wellness coaching as well as integrative and functional nutrition.  Additionally, she has completed the professional training program through the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, located in Washington, DC.  This intensive training prepared Shannon to work with powerful and effective evidence-based healing therapies.  These techniques serve to empower individuals who are coping with life changes, stress, and illnesses in an intimate and supportive group setting.

As a mind-body medicine practitioner, Shannon is committed to helping individuals reach their fullest potential as they discover how to achieve a balanced and meaningful lifestyle by attending to all areas of wellness.  She is passionate about educating individuals on the importance of self-care and the various avenues in which self-care can be achieved through mind-body approaches.  As an integrative practitioner, Shannon recognizes the intimate connection between mind and body, and shares this knowledge to advocate healthy, personal change within her community.​​