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Houston is a worldwide hub for healthcare, and beyond the buzz of the Medical Center, lies our charming house in the Historic Heights District. Here at Heights of Health, we do just that—bring you to the heights of your health. We emphasize the YOU in your health: believing that if life is a journey, then health is the map.

“My heart is so full as you are so gifted; and, I come away with feeling more healed each time I see you. Did not know I needed so much fixin’ up–but, there’s a pretty neat person that wants to come out and play full-out. Your support and gifts are doing just that. Anyway, my headache is gone and my outlook is so much stronger; so, anytime you need a testimonial that [allergy clearing] works, and you, as the messenger, are just AWESOME!!”  -Love, MJM, Texas Heights of Health Client

We operate with the conviction that your body has an innate ability to heal. With this in mind, we guide our clients in achieving holistic health (health on all levels) – and we teach them how to maintain their health and sense of wellbeing. Given the proper guidance, whether it’s through Holistic Wellness Counseling, Holistic Behavioral Counseling or  Supplemental Holistic Services, your body will bring itself to optimum performance. The real question is: What does the healthiest version of yourself look like? If you’re curious to find the answer, then book your appointment today. Appointments available in Houston and Dallas, TX offices.

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