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Meet Our Team

I can thoroughly recommend Tracy and the team at Heights of Health to anyone, and regularly do!

We offer several different Natural Healing Modalities and are always looking to find more ways to serve you.

Our passion is to provide you with the guidance and resources your body needs to attain Vibrant Health on all levels!

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Tracy Wakefield Southwick HHP, CNHP, ND (Trad.)
Tracy Wakefield Southwick HHP, CNHP, ND (Trad.)Owner/Founder of Heights of Health

Tracy grew up in Houston, Texas, where she attended St. John‘s School. She continued her education at University of Colorado in Boulder studying aerospace engineering and, later, received an undergraduate degree with highest honors from University of St. Thomas with a dual concentration in Business and Philosophy.

Her real journey into the field of natural medicine began in 1995 when Tracy was diagnosed with a debilitating illness and was told that she would be in bed on and off for the rest of her life, would never hold down a regular job and, in short, would not be able to function in normal society. Through holistic means she was able to overcome the illness and, thus, became passionate about learning all she could on the subject of natural health and sharing that knowledge with others.

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Our Valued Team Members

Sonya Foteh Garcia
Sonya Foteh GarciaMaster Practitioner
I am a therapist of natural medicine, and most importantly, a vibrational healer; using the most innovative, holistic health assessment tools; such as the CoRe™ biofeedback system, Thermal Imaging and ECR™ (Energetic Cellular Release™)

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Heather M. Goodwin MA, HHP
Heather M. Goodwin MA, HHPDirector, Holistic Behavior Division
As the director of Heights of Health Holistic Behavior Division, Heather empowers adults and children with proven life-transforming tools. Her multi-disciplinary approach is rooted in the recognition that physical issues cannot be separated from emotional, social, spiritual, and psychological influences.

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Cheryl Hensley
Cheryl HensleyReiki Master & BioScan Practitioner
Cheryl Hensley is passionate about natural healing and feels called to help others incorporate holistic measures into their daily lives. She works as Heights of Health’s Reiki Master and Marketing Manager. She is also a Holistic Health Practitioner, trained in Energetic Cellular Release™, BioResonance Technology and SRT™. Cheryl holds degrees in Communication and Psychology and has an extensive background in both corporate training and marketing.

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Laura Holland
Laura HollandTraditional Naturopath
Laura’s journey into healthful enlightenment began when she was seeking answers for her own difficulties after having been a compassionate caregiver for several loved ones battling debilitating cancers

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Amanda Mirabella
Amanda MirabellaHolistic Nutritionist (MS)
Amanda firmly believes in naturopathy as “the reconciling, harmonizing, and unifying of nature, humanity, and God.” She began working at Heights of Health in 2016 and was immediately enamored with energy work and its ability to generate significant change. Since working at Heights of Health, Amanda has experienced drastic, lasting improvements in her own physical and emotional health. …Read More about Amanda
Martamaria Frappier MA, LPC
Martamaria Frappier MA, LPCConsultant
As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Marta’s educational background and professional training have influenced her belief that wellness is developed through a practical integration of all aspects of a person: biological, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social. Marta’s training, education, and research in the mind-body connection has enriched her passion for natural health.

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Melissa Hawley
Melissa HawleyKitchen & Wellness Coach
I help families find ways to improve their health via their own kitchens by evaluating their current menus, lifestyles, tastes, allergies and needs.

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Stacy Betzing
Stacy BetzingPractitioner - Austin
Stacy Betzing began her journey into the field of natural health resulting from her search for answers to health concerns within her own family

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Shannon McLain Sims, M.S.
Shannon McLain Sims, M.S.Holistic Behavior Division Practitioner
As a mind-body medicine practitioner, Shannon is committed to helping individuals reach their fullest potential as they discover how to achieve a balanced and meaningful lifestyle by attending to all areas of wellness. She is passionate about educating individuals on the importance of self-care and the various avenues in which self-care can be achieved through mind-body approaches.

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